Tough Domain Launches Intelligent Domain Marketplace has recently launched a new domain marketplace. Domain investors and businesses looking for domain names can now find premium domains for sale through this new intelligent domain marketplace.  There are already several public and private marketplaces but they all seem to lack the incorporation of domain data and intelligence to help investors narrow down the domain selection.  Today there is far more domain data and intelligence available than there was 5 years ago, the marketplace attempts to leverage this data and suggest better names. TD anticipates that the algorithm to rank the domains will change dramatically as more data is available.

TD marketplace currently leverages domain data API’s and provides a rank to each domain listing. The highest rank is first in search and category results.  


Machine learning combined with community sentiment

Aside from the domain rank, TD has leveraged the feedback from domainers on popular domain forums.  TD states “Community feedback was a key product driver in the later stages of development and not only helped provide new features to the marketplace but aided with the priority of the marketplace roadmap.”

Similar to how youtube ranks its videos through interactions the intelligent marketplace will also provide smarter rankings as more people search and use the site.


Appealing to Both Investors and Startups with an Instant Domain Investor Audience

A majority of the domain sales volume is done by first time buyers and startups looking for brandable names. Impulse purchases are typically under $2,500 USD. The toughest challenge in buying a domain for the first time is knowing which name is best and possibly worth the investment price. The current domain rank will facilitate with the discovery of new names to provide additional guidance on one name vs another. But ultimately the choice is up to the buyer.

We have an existing active domain investor base already using our domain tools (landing pages, insights, parking using their own ads).

The new marketplace will be plugged into the domain tools of which over 3,000 domain investors currently use within the Tough Domains platform. Future updates include the ability for investors to save their favorite domains and be notified of any activity on that domain.


Domain Titans On Board

Domain experts including Mike Mann (link to and Page Howe (link to as well as other domain brokers have opted to try the new marketplace and list some or all of the names in their portfolio.


Economics of TD Domain Marketplace

The domain marketplace is free for anyone to list any number of domains.  

There is no need to switch DNS or list exclusively with the TD marketplace.  Portfolio owners can still park or have their names listed in their own store the TD marketplace creates a hosted for sale page for each domain listed and applies all available domain data to each domain.

There is an industry low 9% success fee if a seller agrees to the offer price and transfers are handled directly with Tough Domains. Multiple payment options including Bitcoin are also available.

Our marketplace and forms are fully GDRP compliant as well.


The marketplace direct link is


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