Purple.com sold for 900K

A mattress company paid $900,000 for Purple.com.

Back in November 2017, Purple.com (the oldest known single-serving site) was sold to Purple, Inc for 900K.

The domain was created in 1994, and hosted a site with no text or links. It was simply a purple background.

The mattress company was previously operating with the domain OnPurple.com. Purple considers themselves a “Comfort Tech” company backed by science. It is clear that Purple isn’t a budget mattress, with the cheapest queen size option starting at $999 but the online reviews seem very favorable.

One of the interesting parts of this acquisition is the large amounts of traffic that likely came with Purple.com. Prior to the domain acquisition in Nov 2017, Similar Web shows that Purple.com was getting roughly 1 Million monthly visitors in both September and October. That kind of added traffic was likely a factor in the domain acquisition.

This is undoubtedly a very strong acquisition for Purple, Inc. I think the price is fair for both buyer and seller, however I wouldn’t be surprised if the 900K acquisition has already paid for itself in free advertising, brand marketing, and added traffic.

Congrats to buyer and seller.





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  1. I’m not sure I remember, but I think Elliot made a tweet about rejecting a $50k offer on lilac and it caused a stir.
    Personally with the price Purple went for, I think expecting about $80-100k is actually pretty okay.
    I know Lilac is no where close to Purple but still come on.
    keep up the good work Josh

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