LogMeIn, Inc purchased GoTo.com for $2.5 million USD

GoTo.com was acquired by LogMeIn, Inc to shorten their previous domain GoToMeeting.com.

LogMeIn did over 1 billion in revenue last year and employs over 2,750 people worldwide.

The sale was revealed in their quarterly report and said:

During the three months ended March 31, 2018, the Company entered into an agreement to acquire a domain name for $2.5 million, which was paid in April 2018. [page 17]

Using DomainTools and DomainIQ it is clear the domain they are referring to is GoTo.com.

This is just another 7 figure sale that we can add to the list of blockbuster sales reported in 2018. Other  7 figure sales reported this year include eSports.com, Super.com, and Ring.com.

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