1. Hi are you in England? We weren’t sure how to reach you but we own
    OxfordEdition.com and are looking for ideas. Thank you!

  2. I still don’t see it.
    The prices are way off whenever I look at the name.
    And you’re right, it’s even worst the .com does something similar.

  3. While I believe the buyers of Home.Loans and Vacation.Rentals paid too much for their respective domains, I can envision a business model where they can both justify their purchase. Personally I started buying .loans domains in February shortly after the announcement of the Home.Loans purchase for 500K, and I’ve accumulated over 75 of what I consider to be really good domains for the lending/finance/loan industries. Also, I’ve just started purchasing domains that compliment Vacation.Rentals, but with a different strategy. I’d share that strategy, but not until I have what I want. Bottomline, if a site like Home.Loans were to drive enough traffic to make just a loan a day, it’s paid for itself. Counting new home sales, existing home sales and refi’s, there are approximately 8 Million mortgages in the US every year. And to think, if Home.Loans were to drive just 1% of those loans annually, that would represent 80,000 mortgages. I haven’t done the number crunching for Vacation.Rentals yet, but it has a lot of potential as well.

  4. Really appreciate your insights here Josh. Especially interesting to watch this alongside the DomainSherpa interview with the new owner.

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