The Domain Vlog – Portfolio Review #3

In this portfolio review, I take a look at 10 domains submitted by 2 separate investors.

Tomas Jonsson submitted the following 5 domains:,,,,

Sumanariu Constantin submitted the following 5 domains:,,,,

Here are my best practices for domain valuation:

  • Search for the term or name in Google.
  • Check if the domain is registerd in other extensions (
  • Go to and check for domains containing the same keywords.
  • Check comparable sales.
  • Check search volume.
  • Is the domain brandable? (Would you use the domain as your business name?)
  • Is it short and memorable?

If you’d prefer to listen to the audio version of my vlog, then please click the link below.



  1. Thank you for reviewing my domain names!

    As I’m fairly new to domaining and still learning something everyday, it’s always interesting to get someone else’s perspective.

    Here’s some additional information about the domain names:

    TYNKA is an asteroid, and also an eastern European first name.
    FIXED LIFE INSURANCE is an actual type of life insurance.
    LAUMAN is a surname, and it’s used by several companies (Lauman + something).
    MINT DRINKS is the name of an English company that uses the (partly owned by Heineken).
    LONG WOLF was a proud Sioux Chief (a veteran of the Battle of the Little Big Horn) that was buried in England (!) for 100 years before his remains was returned to North America.

    • Hi Tomas,
      Thanks for the additional info.

      Be sure to use my best practices for valuation. For example – If you type in “Fixed Life Insurance” into, you’ll find there are 115 global searches per month which is essentially 0. For a term to have any kind of exact match value, search volume needs to be in the tens of thousands in most cases.

      It’s all just my opinion of course and I wish you all the best with these names!

    • Hi Tomas, it’s gonna be a long ride but if you stay on track you’ll get the hang of it. I don’t know your cost of aquisition but I hope you didn’t spend alot on these names, Anyway, I’m glad you had a reason behind registering these names but as Josh pointed out you should familiarize yourself with the metrics aspect and the aftermarket. The numbers part which i feel is actually even more important, except of course you’re going the way of brandables.
      I’ll suggest joining Namepros also.
      I hope to see you around

      • Hi Emmy,
        Acquisition costs were $10-$12, except for which was more expensive.

        I’m already a member at Namepros, and you’re right, it’s a great forum!


  2. Hi, I have been reading your content since last week and its very neat and to the point.I would like to know if you are looking for brandable names and search volume as well then I think we might not get the domain name.because short and high volume traffic domains are already registered.Can you please provide your valuable opinion on this

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