The Domain Vlog – Portfolio Review #2

In this portfolio review, I take a look at 20 different domains submitted by 4 separate investors.

Srihari Dalai submitted the following 5 domains:,,,,

Philip Hicks submitted the following 5 domains:,,,,

Shailendra Mishra submitted the following 5 domains:,,,,

Page Howe submitted the following 5 domains: Fairfield.TV,, Moms.LA,,

Here are my best practices for domain valuation:

  • Search for the term or name in Google.
  • Check if the domain is registerd in other extensions (
  • Go to and check for domains containing the same keywords.
  • Check comparable sales.
  • Check search volume.
  • Is the domain brandable? (Would you use the domain as your business name?)
  • Is it short and memorable?

If you’d prefer to listen to the audio version of my vlog, then please click the link below.



  1. Thanks for taking your time to make these videos Josh. May I suggest in future when reviewing domains to include them in the post.

    • I was gonna say the same thing.
      We could look at the list,take down our opinions also and compare them with yours.

        • Great.
          Really great feedback on the names.
          We’re on the same page with the reviews.
          One last thing, you could try and mask the names like its done on NP so Google doesn’t crawl it.
          maybe put a / or something in place of the .
          Keep it up

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