The Domain Vlog – NamesCon Europe 2018

When attending a conference, it’s so important to go with an open mind. Everyone has something to learn (including the most seasoned veterans).

My perception of new gTLD’s has certainly evolved over the last couple of days…. Although I’m not necessarily convinced on using them as you’re main brand, I can certainly see extreme value in using them as a “sub” brand. They’ve proven to rank very well and seem to be extremely valuable for lead generation once developed and optimized for search engines.

There were several other key topics discussed at this event, including GDPR, Monetization, Development, Liquid Domains, Brand Strategy, The Domain Aftermarket, Parking, ngTLDs, and various other hot topics.

I’d highly recommend this event to people in dozens of different verticals. I’d love to see more CMO’s and C-Level execs from more companies moving forward as there is so much information that people outside the industry could benefit from.

If you’d prefer to listen to the audio version of my vlog, then please click the link below.

The Domain Vlog – NamesCon Europe 2018 (128 kbps)

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