1. Excellent. We need more and more interviews from Small and medium level domain investors, like Keith Deboer. There are a lot to learn from such interviews compare to industry sharks who will never tell you the truth. Thank you @Josh

    • Right on spot Haroon. I rarely take anything the supposedly big pros say serious, I’m always open to what the average guy has to say cos I feel they’re the one most likely to share that little detail that just clicks.
      it’s great listening to the pros but sometimes we relate more with the average investor.
      my 2c
      Great Interview and I appreciate Keith’s time answering the questions.

  2. Thanks. I’m still baffled by how this industry works. Of the 1350 domains I own, I’ve hand registered each and everyone. And pretty much each and everyone I register, I have an end user, or at a minimum an end user industry ie. financial, healthcare, sports/entertainment in mind where I want to market my domains. I have years of experience starting businesses, naming businesses and buying and selling businesses. Other than GD, the average end user has never heard of the likes of Sedo, Afternic or Undeveloped. Rob Monster of Epik recommended I look at Brand Bucket, but even their exposure to the end user market is very limited. Just today I met with a Chiropractic Clinic in my area about domains I own specifically for their industry. For example, I own Spine.Consulting, Back.Consulting, Posture.Consulting, Accupuncture.Consulting, Laser.Consulting etc.just for this sector of the Healthcare industry. Why would I waste my time listing these domains with Sedo or Afternic when I either have connections in a particular industry, or I can make new connections. I use to post on NamePro’s, but when industry veterans told me I didn’t know what I was doing, and even falsely accused me of wrong doing, that only encouraged me more to break with tradition. One other thing I’ll mention about this industry are the trumped up appraisals. The 500 .com domains I own appraise for over 500K at GD (what a joke), and the 800 nTLD’s I own appraise for less than 100k, but still trumped up. Take for example, I own the 2 letter domain Rx.Rentals that appraises for $890 at Estibot, and Rx.Com appraises for $3,190,000 at Estibot. Now I ask industry veterans, how hosed up is that? Especially when I’m aware that durable medical equipment like wheelchairs are rented via Rx or prescriptions in over 10,000 pharmacies around the US. Currently I’m strategizing how I’m going to approach the publicly traded healthcare company who owns Rx.com to buy Rx.Rentals from me. I know if I listened to the veterans on Namepro’s they would say my purchase of the name Rx.Rentals for I believe $75 was a waste of money….and therein lies another joke. Please tell me what I’m missing? Inquiring minds would like to know. Thanks.


  3. Nice interview, Josh. Keith DeBoer is one of my favs in the industry. A true professional, with a steady and proven approach to domain name investing. Thanks to both of you for sharing honest and constructive tactics for other investors to learn from.

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