1. I think CAN.com is a fabulous domain. 2 factors you didn’t mention in your vlog was that that it can be a product, of the top of my head, can of beer (yeah I know), and that it could be short for Canadian. I don’t agree with your valuation of $0.5M. I think it’s a million dollar plus name all day long. And the buyer got a real bargain at $155K.

    • 100% agree that it can sell for $1 million + to the right buyer. I’m simply implying I would need at least 500K to let it go. I used to do business with a company called CAN Capital. CAN stood for Capital Access Network. There’s so many possibilities for such a domain.

  2. Hello,my name is Musa Bashir. I’m new in the domain world, studying everyday. I understand Can.com is a amazing C-V-C, however, the valuation of $1 million, how do you come to this number?

    • Domain valuation is not an exact science but personally I wouldn’t sell the domain for less than 500K. There are several factors to consider when trying to determine a domains value. I mention a few of them in this vlog. Comparable sales, brandability, memorability, search volume, existing end-users, etc etc.

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